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Discover VANKON

M/s Vankon Modular Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer of electrical goods and accessories in India. We have a manufacturing facility in Vasai(Mumbai) which produces excellent quality goods which are then sold through our distribution network in Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Assam and Kerala.

Our product line has a diverse and innovative set of products that differentiate us from the competition and also helps us provide maximum variety to our customers.

Our Board Of Directors

Rohit Gurnani

B.Tech-NIT Surat,

Ex-JP Morgan India

Gopal Kriplani

Leading Electrical Retailer in Ahmedabad, 25 years of experience in Electrical Industry

Bhagwandas Gokhlani

Vast Management Experience, Serves as Director in many of the groups firms.

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